Best Bosch Ariston Gl4 Water Heater Review

Ariston gl4

In the colder months of the year, water heaters often become the saviors of residents, providing a hot water supply      for bathing, washing, and various other activities. Conventional Best tankless water heaters not only take up a large    portion of the   room but are often dangerous as they can cause ventilation problems if utilizing gasses. The state of  the art Ariston gl4 of-Use Indoor Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater is the modern heater which provides the    answers to all your worries.

This novel creation is miniature enough to effectively fit in any room without overtaking too much room and its new  and improved electrical supply technology makes it much safer and user-friendly. The outer plastic covering          provides insulation and hence this product is very secure to use around kids and pets likewise.

 Above par technical features about Ariston gl4:

  • Lightweight easily lifts able design: this 23-pound appliance can easily be lifted and attached on walls or alongside other heating tools. It is compact enough to be adjusted aside power outlets. With a sleek and powerful design, the product dimensions of 2 x 14 x 14 inches produce a tight and solid composition that can be fit anywhere.
  • Zero battery requirements: The apparatus exploits electrical charge and hence needs no extra batteries or deadly gas supply. It’s easily usable once it’s connected to a workable power supply.
  • Temperature adjustment and pressure release knobs included: With an excellence at par, user competent interface temperature and pressure can both be adjusted with relative ease. This gives the user much more control over the settings and in turn creates many ecstatic customers.

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 Bosch ariston gl4 water heater Pros:

  • Best Bosch Ariston Gl4 Water

    Best Bosch Ariston Gl4 Water

    This easy and point of use appliance can be adjusted underneath sinks for the fresh supply of warm water whenever needed. The installation process is comparatively effortless and only requires tapping in line with cold water supply.

  • A compelling 6-year warranty guaranteed to take care of wear and tear produces an attractive offer as a lot of income is spent on fixing old and worn out machinery. Ariston gl4 have good parts.
  • Superb energy efficient appliance making use of only 120-volt electricity and 1500 watts. Contrary to other electrical tools, this appliance adeptly saves energy and the toll it takes on your bank balance.
  • Consistent and reliable heat acquired due to the adjustable and regulated thermostat and pressure knobs, this ensures a steady supply of warm water for diverse activities.
  • Product available in sleek and chic colors that can be easily compatible with bathroom tiles and other environments. Almost you can stet very easy to Ariston gl4
  • No extra hard wiring required as the packaged body consists of effectively wired appliances. All you need to do is plug into the power outlet and you are ready to go.

 Bosch Ariston Gl4 Water Heater Cons :

  • Unequipped to warm more than 4 gallons of water due to less than average water capacity, however due to its fast acting pace it can easily heat up more water once first 4 gallons are utilized.
  • Not appropriate for extra consuming water equipment such as showers or tubs, and may require attuning with other larger heating bodies.
  • Limited 1-year warranty on parts which may experience damage over time, however, with responsible use, breakage caused may be minimal and parts are available to low cost.


To conclude, the Ariston gl4 of-Use Indoor Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater works superbly well, overall providing easy installation and on point warm water supply. Despite some negatives, this product is a comprehensive win with a relatively effortless temperature and pressure control which provides residents with a check over their supply. The classy design and compact production wins many hearts and produced 58% happy customers on amazon who rated it with an overall smashing 5 stars.