Cheap Eccotemp FVI-12-LP Propane Tankless Water Heater Review

eccotemp fvi12-lp

In the blistering cold of winters, blasting winds and chilling temperatures can often force you into the warmth and  comfort of a hot shower. Now imagine this haven quickly turns into an ice hell as your outmoded water heater spits  out unheated water. A grotesque image no? That is why it is highly important to opt for, not only the best quality  water heater but a reliable and trustworthy one, when choosing from a range of heaters now available on market  shelves.

Many gas water heaters, despite the reduction in cost compared to electric heaters, are catastrophic to health. Due to  improper ventilation facilities, these heaters may cause suffocation issues. In a closed space such as a washroom,  this problem often becomes manifold and may cause unconsciousness and in dire consequences even death.  However with the superior Eccotemp fvi12-lp High Capacity Propane Tankless Water Heater, you are in reliable  hands. Its powerful vent ensures air passage is maintained so any jeopardy is diverted.

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 Eccotemp fvi12-lp matchless technical features:

  • Minimal weight of 20 pounds easily adjusted and hung on walls.
  • Gas utilizing machinery makes it cost saving with added vent for reliability.
  • Superb flow rate of 3.6 GPM and maximum pressure of 80 PSI
  • Energy efficient as only utilizes 110 volts of electricity for digital display and internal exhausts.

 Benefits Of  Eccotemp fvi12-lp:

  • Best Eccotemp FVI-12-LP Water Heater

       Best Eccotemp FVI-12-LP                     Water Heater

    Efficient gas conversion module: This product effectively converts liquid propane to energy which is employed to change cold water to hot water. This is relatively cheaper than electricity powered heaters, however with the added safety and security. So you can select this Eccotemp fvi12-lp  product for your Everyday any works

  • Ideal for multiple water demands: This product works great at providing hot water to multiple sources, for example, more than one bathroom or shower heads. This is an attractive feature as most water heaters lack the capacity to do this.
  • Minimal energy usage: This product only employs 2 watts of energy for ignition and 10 watts for operation and hence is powerful during energy conservation by using this Product Eccotemp fvi12-lp
  • Optimal capacity: with adequate product dimensions this equipment ensures enough space and zone for effective water conversion of almost 11-50 gallons of water per minute.
  • Attractive technical support: With the ease and comfort of a humble technical support 24/7 you can now direct all your queries with the confirmation of getting them answered.


  • Limited colors: The only drawback this product has been the limited color of white. However, this classy color complements many bathroom styles and backgrounds with much ease.

 Customer perceptions:

This product has many loyal buyers who are thrilled with their purchase and regard efficiency and reduction in  electricity bill as the most attractive feature. Out of 120 reviews on amazon, most purchasers gave either a 4 or a 5  stars rating to the product, In comparison to its completion this is a spectacular rating.

One contented customer wrote, This is a great product for the money and hundreds less than most other tankless water heaters! I got it in two days and installed it on the weekend”

However, a few customers claimed the heater was making a lot of noise and some stated some complaints about its  efficiency. Even so, the number of satisfied customers greatly outweighed the unsatisfied ones.


An upbeat and contemporary heater, the Eccotemp fvi12-lp High Capacity Propane Tankless Water Heater is a modern equipment which combines the power of gas utilization with the safety of powerful vents. This ensures minimal spending on heating as well as a steady and constant supply of hot water. A must buy for every family!